Defending Against the Unpredictable

At Aries Contracting, we understand the critical importance of fire safety for residential, commercial, and industrial spaces. Our fireproofing services are designed to provide reliable protection, giving you peace of mind and ensuring the safety of your property and its occupants. With our expertise and adherence to ULC testing standards, we deliver exceptional fireproofing solutions that meet the highest industry standards.

Our Fireproofing Services

Intumescent Coatings

Intumescent coatings are a popular choice for fireproofing steel structures. We specialize in the professional application of intumescent coatings, which expand and form a protective layer when exposed to high temperatures. This layer insulates the steel, significantly delaying its heating and maintaining structural integrity during a fire.

Fire-Resistant Spray

Our fire-resistant spray is an effective solution for protecting various surfaces, including wood, concrete, and gypsum board. We apply a specialized fire-resistant coating that creates a barrier, minimizing the spread of flames and heat in the event of a fire.

Fireproofing Consultation and Inspection

Our services go beyond application. We offer comprehensive fireproofing consultation and inspection, ensuring that your property remains compliant with fire safety regulations. Our experts will assess your existing fireproofing systems, identify potential vulnerabilities, and recommend appropriate measures for reinforcement or improvement.

Protect Your Property

Shield your property from the devastating impact of fires with our exceptional fireproofing service. Our team of experts at Aries Contracting Ottawa Inc. specializes in delivering top-notch fireproofing solutions that meet and exceed industry standards. Don’t leave the safety of your property to chance – contact us now to secure your peace of mind and ensure maximum protection for your valuable assets.

Why Choose Aries Contracting?

Unmatched Expertise
Quality and Precision
Cutting-Edge Materials
Customized Solutions

Trust Aries Contracting for Uncompromising Fire Safety

When it comes to fireproofing, Aries Contracting is the name you can rely on. We prioritize the safety of lives and properties, and our fireproofing solutions are designed to provide maximum protection against the devastating effects of fire. From residential buildings to commercial complexes, we have the knowledge, experience, and resources to handle projects of any size or complexity.

Contact Aries Contracting today to discuss your fireproofing needs and let our experts guide you in safeguarding your property. With us, you can have confidence in the highest standards of fire safety.